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What is this site about?

MediSeek is provided by South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network to give people in our catchment real-time information about where to find urgent medical care — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MediSeek provides users with a series of options, culminating in emergency departments and triple-0.


How do I find my location?

MediSeek will attempt to determine your location when you launch it (it may require you to allow location detection), and will then automatically display a list of services that are open within a reasonable distance. You can retry the auto-location by tapping/clicking the ‘GPS location’ icon gpslocation-dark at any time.

If you are outside of the South Eastern Melbourne PHN Bayside Medicare Local catchment you will be directed to the National Health Services Directory.

If you are outside of the catchment and looking for services within the catchment, enter the name of the suburb to search and select from the drop-down list to see available services.


I don’t have a car. Is there somewhere I can walk to?

MediSeek has an option to select walking. On the results screen tap/click the walking icon icon-walking-dark to see estimated distances and times to available services.


I want to find services for another location

Just tap/click to enter a new location in the location box. A list of available services will be displayed.


Why only the South Eastern Melbourne area?

South Eastern Melbourne PHN  is charged by the Australian Government Department of Health to work to improve people’s access to medical services in the South Eastern Melbourne catchment, especially outside normal business hours.

MediSeek is a result of working closely with healthcare providers in our area to improve access to medical services in our area.

The out of catchment alert in MediSeek provides links to the National Health Services Directory.


Why can’t I see my normal doctor listed?

Bayside MediSeek is designed to cater for urgent medical care requirements, so only general practices accepting new patients are listed. If your normal doctor’s practice isn’t accepting new patients, they won’t be listed.


The general practice listed said they aren’t accepting new patients

Please use this feedback link to let us know if a service doesn’t meet expectations. Remember, just because a service is open doesn’t necessarily mean they have capacity to treat you.


How to get the MediSeek icon onto your smartphone homescreen

  1. For instructions on how to add the icon to your home screen, click on the appropriate link below.
  2. For iOS
  3. For Android
    1. There are different processes depending on version of Android and browser used. Generally, the process will involve:
      1. Saving a bookmark and long-pressing to add the bookmark to the homescreen; or
      2. Browsing to the site and using the menu button to add to homescreen.


About South Eastern Melbourne PHN

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have been established with the key objectives of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes, and improving coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time. The South Eastern Melbourne PHN catchment encompasses an area comprising 1.4 million people and stretches from St Kilda to Sorrento and as far east as Bunyip, including the major population hubs of Monash, Dandenong, Moorabbin, Caulfield, Cranbourne, Frankston and Pakenham.